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Main » 2008 » February » 19 » Thong bao ve viec lap quy lop 12.9
Thong bao ve viec lap quy lop 12.9
8:32 AM
Cac ban deu biet cang lon moi chung ta cang co it thoi gian de co the gap nhau,tro chuyen va quan tam lan nhau...Va thoi gian cung lam cho tinh ban cua moi thanh vien 12.9 cung co nhieu thay doi ko con dc gan bo nhu hoi hoc cap 3 vi vay Tet vua roi lop chung ta quyet dinh thanh lap quy 12.9 muc dich de moi nguoi co nhieu hon su quan tam den nhau cung nhu gia dinh cua moi thanh vien trong dai gia dinh 12.9
Quy nay muc dich lap ra de su dung trong cac dip nhu: Cuoi hoi cua cac thanh vien 12.9 hay khi gia dinh cua cac thanh vien 12.9 co nguoi dau om hoac co viec tang gia thi toan the lop 12.9 co 1 chut long thanh the hien su quan tam cua cac thanh vien danh cho nhau.
Quy da co 10 nguoi dong tien,so tien moi nam thong nhat la 100k..quy nay se dc lam 1 tai khoan o ngan hang ngoai thuong va sau khi co tai khoan thi cac thanh vien lop 12.9 se duoc thong bao so tai khoan de du o dau ban cung co the gui tien vao tai khoan...
Van de dc nhieu ban quan tam la lam the nao de chung ta biet khoan tien chung ta dong dc su dung 1 cach co hieu qua thi minh xin dua ra 1 de xuat nhu sau:
Nhung khoan ma chung ta dong gop dc su dung se duoc thong ke va thong bao den moi nguoi...Moi nam chung ta se chon ngau nhien 1 nguoi di kiem tra so du trong tai khoan vao dau nam va cuoi nam...The tai khoan se do 1 thanh vien 12.9 giu va hien gio thi nhung ban dong tien tam thoi thong nhat ban Cam Hien se tam nam giu...va viec moi nguoi co dong y tin tuong giao pho cho ban Hien nua hay ko thi can phai co thoi gian de xem quy 12.9 hoat dong nhu the nao?
O day ban than minh muon noi la chung ta can phai bieu duong tinh than cua ban Hien vi noi cho dung thi dinh vao may chuyen tien bac rat phuc tap,neu ma nguoi nhan trach nhiem co so suat thi se anh huong den tinh cam cua nhau...
Minh xin dc noi lai 1 lan nua:Quy 12.9 lap ra voi muc dich phi loi nhuan,no chi de the hien su quan tam cua cac thanh vien danh cho nhau du ban o noi dau tren dat nuoc nay vi vay minh mong muon cac thanh vien lop 12.9 nen huong ung tham gia de cho lop chung ta ngay cang gan bo voi nhau hon.
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