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AVG Anti-Virus 7.5
[ Download from this server (18.5 Kb) ] 2007-10-08, 4:15 PM
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now bots are running in 10max, 6max, HU, CASH, MTT & SNG, they are now even playing Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.

Their stance when presented with hard facts was to deny any case for said player being bots, in spite of pretty damning evidence of a group of players all playing with the exact same playing style and all having near identical statistics. Maybe they're right, Perhaps they are right, maybe someone got hold of Phil Ivey DNA and cloned a group of elite super poker humans who can play 48 hour sessions and play strategically sound game theory with absolute emotional control.

Personally I suspect the former.

If they don't listen to the players, then perhaps the skins themselves will have to take the issue up with Ipoker

Bet365 Poker
BetnGo (this particular skin has an affiliate deal with a poker bot site incredibly!)
Titan Poker
CD Poker
Paddy Power Poker
BlueSquare Poker
William Hill
Boylesports Poker
Sun Poker
Mansion Poker
Chilli Poker
Dafa Poker
Poker 770

I would suggest sticking with reputable sites and stay away from the above, unless of course you wish to play bots.

I-poker run by crooks,bad beats unf---ing-believable.
stay away from this network bot infested and the rng is shocking..slows down at the river to pick the card to beat you when your 96% to win hand.
I asked online support why when I was 96% to win hand at showdown and only won 30-35 % over 1000s of hands how this was possible,replied with the usual bullsh-- our rng is tested and totally random.lot of f---ing sh--.

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788 Wamalademorge  
Redes de mercadeo

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787 WoolveAlatt  
Interactive Home Shoping http://tv-shop365.tk

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786 UnamSnorgomob  
sorry.. delete plz topic

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785 MymnLeveveify  

Vært på utkikk etter noen gode designere. Kom over http://rambit.no/ og lurte på om noen har erfaring med disse?

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784 hymnmycle  

Vært på utkikk etter noen gode designere. Kom over http://rambit.no/ og lurte på om noen har erfaring med disse?

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783 Tormardiagica  
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782 Rubulatkursy  
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781 New construction materials  
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780 pozyczamy  
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